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My guest today is Aruni Gunasegaram of Babble Soft. In the late 90s, Aruni co-founded a high tech company called Isochron. Isochron specialised in generating software and hardware for vending machines. Aruni was the CEO of this company and she was instrumental in raising over $15 million start up funds for this company. Under her leadership, the company closed the first $1 million in revenue. She and her partners sold the company in 2002.

After the birth of her kids, Aruni was ready for her second venture, a company called Babble Soft.

The company sells software for monitoring your baby’s progress in the first few months of the baby’s life. The product is called ‘Baby Insights’ – This product allows you to record feeding times, medicine intake times, pumping times and amounts and lots lots more – basically every piece of information you need can be stored in here.You can also use this software on your mobile phones. Babble Soft also sells another product called ‘Baby Say Cheese’ – this allows you to easily create a beautiful album for your kids photos.

Aruni will be telling us a bit more about these products in the interview. Aruni’s company has been growing steadily and has also been receiving quite a bit of media coverage. Read and be inspired by her story.

Can you tell us a bit about Babble Soft ?

Baby Business Ideas Babble Soft offers web and mobile software tools that facilitate communication between caregivers by enabling them to record information about feedings, baby sleep, diaper changes, medicine intake, and immunization records as well as provides breastfeeding support, pumping, and medicine dose schedules for Mom in our Baby Insights application.

We also offer the ability for parents to create a baby first year album with milestones and family tree through our Baby Say Cheese application.

It is not always easy to find reliable people to work for you – especially in the start up days and especially when you are looking for some one to help you develop your product…Have you got any tips and suggestions for moms on this front ?

Yes, my husband did our first mobile prototype and we hired someone to do the PC side of things. When we decided to create a web application, we hired a development team in India. The first team we hired did some good work but then totally flaked out when completing the rest of it and we never got our money back!

We then found another great Indian development team, Cressanda, who has been wonderful to work with. If anyone would like a referral, just let me know. The project manager I work with is amazing and does his ultimate best to make sure we are happy.

You have a very interesting section on your blog where people define what success means to them…I enjoyed reading different definitions. Can I ask you Aruni, how do you define Success and what it means to you ? And also what drives you to succeed ?

premature babies It’s interesting that you ask that question! I’m glad you have enjoyed reading the articles.

I define success as being happy with who you are and where you are in life. I struggle with that daily because I’ve always wanted to do more and achieve more when I know deep down that to be content with myself and what I have achieved is true success. I work on it every day. I think what drives me is that if I can achieve that success, I can help others find it too.

You were the founding CEO of Isochron Inc. You were instrumental in making that company into a million dollar company. And now you have Babble Soft which also seems to be going from strength to strength…

All this would not have been possible without some challenges and hardships along the way. What have been some of the most valuable lessons you have learned in your business journey so far ?

I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that ‘things take time and more time than you can ever imagine to come to fruition.’ I’ve also tried to listen to my gut more often but when stress gets in the way, it’s often hard to do. There are always so many things competing for your time.

What is your number one stress relief tactic ?

Wow, that’s a tough one because I have to do many things to relieve stress. ? I try to exercise, take yoga classes, drink red wine, and/or get a massage when I can.

What’s next for Babble Soft? Where do you see it in five years or even say in a couple of years time ?

I honestly don’t know right now. I would love to create a social community for people who can also use our applications.

I think it’s important that new parents find other new parents they can connect with during that time when a baby is a newborn.

Being a WAHM mom is challenging and rewarding but I think the future of Babble Soft depends on how long we can either self-fund the business or find outside sources of funding to help us grow. As everyone knows, the economy has been a bit perplexing as of late so my goal is to survive the next 9 to 18 months as creatively as possible so we can continue to provide our applications and support to millions of new parents world wide!

Finally, your five keys to success ?

I think it comes down to each individual so what I think might be keys to success might not work for others. I think if you can accept your situation (and yourself) and keep moving forward, that’s success. I think if you can be a good parent and your children know they can count on you, that is success. I know that’s not 5 things, but I didn’t want to say the usual things like hard work, etc. Plus, I’m still working on figuring them out which is part of the reason I continue to blog at entrepreMusings!

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This interview was published on 2nd October 2008

Visit Aruni’s website to get more information about her business.

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